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During this time the shop will be closed for all activities including tuning, installations, and phone inquiries. If you need to get in contact with Dyno-Comp please try again when we return for normal business hours on Monday November 28th.

The Dyno-Comp team would like to wish all our loyal customers a very happy thanksgiving and are looking forward to finishing the year off strong with many more great builds!


Dyno-Comp has always been known for its high quality of work with a specialization in custom dyno tuning. Over the last decade Dyno-Comp has accomplished many great achievements in the custom fabrication world. One of these being the huge success of the Dyno-Comp Mercedes long tube header line that has sold to countries such as the UAE, UK, South America, Australia, and Canada to name a few. The car featured above is a 1970 Triumph TR-6 that was looking for some new style. This was accomplished by creating a completely custom exhaust system with a unique muffler design. All of our custom exhaust work utilizes grade A 304 stainless steel to ensure the life of the product and is hand made here in the USA at Dyno-Comps fabrication facilities.

Have you been thinking about doing something completely custom to your car? Why not let Dyno-Comp help you achieve these dreams. Some of our past projects have involved roll cages, headers, full exhausts, intercooler fan shrouds, turbo kits, and body braces. If you have ever considered having something completely unique and custom tailored for your car give us a call for a quote!


What could be better then one 1967 Ford Super Snake?.. How about two! Dyno-Comp was recently graced by the visit of two 1967 Ford Super Snakes that were in immaculate condition. The first Super Snake was naturally aspirated and in for a basic tune up. This involved checking the power on our dyno, flushing the coolant system, bleeding the brakes, and addressing a few minor adjustments. The second Super Snake being supercharged was brought in with performance upgrades in mind. We installed an upgraded Vortech supercharger pulley, fabricated a full custom exhaust, and installed custom intercooler fans w/ shrouds for better cooling. This black Super Snake had a significant jump in power with increases of  over 200hp and 280 ftlb tq! The other major improvement was that the drive ability went from near nothing to perfect. Together these two classic cars took big steps in maximizing their performance and ensuring a long life. Continue reading bellow for a quick breakdown of the above dyno chart…

Bone Stock: 1967 Ford Super Snake

REAL WORLD (When the car arrived, before tuning) this is what a 1967 Ford Super Snake puts down for power..

  • 360 (Wheel HP) x 1.25 = 450 at the flywheel.
  • 380 (Wheel TQ) x 1.25 = 475 at the flywheel.

These numbers were taken from a stock car and may vary.

  • HP is now at 522 (at the wheels) which equates out to about 653 HP at the flywheel.
  • TQ is now at 610 (at the wheels) which is approx 763 TQ at the flywheel.

At the end of the day what does all this mean…

  • +203 HP increase at the flywheel.
  • +288 TQ increase at the flywheel.


Where do you go next when a V10 motor just isn’t enough? How about a Heffner twin turbo kit. This Lamborghini LP560 was recently upgraded with just such a modification, installed by Supercar Specialists and fine tuned using Dyno-Comps dyno. These two turbos pushing out around 9-10 psi made over 950 horsepower at the crank! With all of the power being transfered to all four wheels.

2010 Lamborghini LP560 (Heffner Twin Turbo Kit)

  • HP is now at 712 (at the wheels) which equates out to about 961 HP at the flywheel.
  • TQ is now at 540 (at the wheels) which is approx 729 TQ at the flywheel.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for dyno tuning give us a call today. 480.596.0500



This BMW M3 got three big gains courtesy of Dyno-Comp… Horsepower, torque, and increased fuel economy. Dyno-Comp offers in-house custom dyno tuning that is VIN specific to your vehicle! This ECU upgrade is completely undetectable by the dealer and will not interfere with the drive-ability of the vehicle in any way. Once the programming is complete you will notice a much smoother power band and ability to utilize the cars new found power. Listed bellow is the techincal data from the dyno chart…

Dyno-Comp Custom ECU Flash

Bone Stock: 2009 BMW M3

REAL WORLD this is what a 2009 BMW M3 puts down for power..

  • 320 (Wheel HP) x 1.25 = 400 HP at the flywheel.
  • 238 (Wheel TQ) x 1.25 = 298 TQ at the flywheel.

These numbers were taken from a stock car and may vary.

  • HP is now at 380 (at the wheels) which equates out to about 475 HP at the flywheel.
  • TQ is now at 266 (at the wheels) which is approx 333 TQ at the flywheel.

At the end of the day what does all this mean…

  • +75 HP increase at the flywheel.
  • +35 TQ increase at the flywheel.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please give us a call! 480.596.0500


ABT offers premier performance products and accessories for VW and Audi. ABT’s products utilize the finest quality materials with great amounts of engineering to back them up. When it comes to engine technology, aerodynamics, sports wheels, exhaust systems, suspension or brakes: Constant improvement, setting new goals, winning – this is ABT’s motivation, both on the racetrack and in the development of intelligent tuning components for street use. That is ABT’s philosophy, not just empty theory, but the result of decades in the hard school of international motorsport.

If you are interested in any of ABT’s products feel free to give us a call or come into Dyno-Comp for a quote!


This truck might be as close as you will get to being struck by lightning! The 2003 Ford SVT Lightning featured above put down huge power on our dyno, almost enough to give you a serious jolt. Although Dyno-Comp did not build this truck initially, we did give the truck a complete check up and dyno tuned it for optimum performance. Checkout the MONSTER 640ftlb tq at the wheels on the dyno chart above!

If you are interested in dyno tuning services for your Ford vehicle please call us today for more information. 480.596.0500


2007 Mercedes CLS 63
World’s most powerful CLS63 AMG
Weistec Supercharged
750+ Horsepower!!!
22k original miles, LOW MILES!!
Over 55k In Mods!
Adult Owned: Custom built by Dyno-Comp Inc. for local professional golfer!

Asking only $59,500

Dyno-Comp Stage-6 Performance Package
Weistec Supercharger Upgrade
Dyno-Comp/ MBH Long Tube Headers
Dyno-Comp/ MBH High Flow Mid Pipes
Custom ECU Tuning By Dyno-Comp
Carbonio Carbon Fiber Air Intake System
20″ Custom Made HRE Wheels
16″ Front And 15″ Rear Brembo Big Brake Kit
Electronic Lowering Module
Custom Paint And Many Other Custom Accents
Please call for more details…

Are you looking for a street monster that is capable of well over 200mph and still retains the factory ride comfort? Then we have the perfect car for you! This 2007 Mercedes CLS63 looks innocent from a far, but at closer inspection is a whole other beast. Introducing the worlds fastest supercharged CLS 63. This car is capable of breaking the tires loose at over 100 mph!

This Mercedes was hand built by the experts at Dyno-Comp for a local professional golfer. Everything from the supercharger installation to the custom paint work was followed with the up most attention to detail. If you don’t believe us, stop in and see for yourself!

Remember… With Dyno-Comp acting only as a consultant for the vehicle, there will be NO SALES TAX charged on the sale!

For more details or to view the car in person contact…
Dyno-Comp Motors


There have been many heated debates about the new AMG 63 twin turbo motors in the automotive world. After extensive testing and dyno tuning it is safe to say that we expect great things to come from this platform. Dyno-Comp’s Stage-1 Performance Package is a simple upgrade that promises to deliver! This software upgrade can typically be completed same day and is even undetectable by the dealership making it a perfect match for owners wanting to retain their factory warranty. Stay tuned as Dyno-Comp plans to release a Stage-2 and Stage-3 performance package for the new twin turbo motors in the coming weeks!

Note: These numbers were produced on a low boost map. Dyno-Comp will provide high boost calibrations on request.

Bone Stock: 2012 Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

REAL WORLD this is what a 2012 Mercedes CLS 63 AMG puts down for power..

  • 478 (Wheel HP) x 1.23 = 588 HP at the flywheel.
  • 480 (Wheel TQ) x 1.23 = 590 TQ at the flywheel.

These numbers were taken from a stock car and may vary.

  • HP is now at 533 (at the wheels) which equates out to about 655 HP at the flywheel.
  • TQ is now at 578 (at the wheels) which is approx 711 TQ at the flywheel.

At the end of the day what does all this mean…

  • +67 HP increase at the flywheel.
  • +121 TQ increase at the flywheel.


A.R.T. Tuning brings you the new W463 G Streetline 65 for immediate purchase! This addition to A.R.T. Tunings already great line of products introduces aero, lighting, and exhaust options for the W463 chassis. For questions about A.R.T. products or others like this please give us a call today! 480.596.0500


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