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Mercedes G Class / Suspension

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Dyno-Comp G55 Custom 8 Dyno-Comp G55 Custom 8

Dyno-Comp G55 Custom 8" Lift Kit

This kit gives a G55 an overall 8-9″ lift with 24″ of suspension articulation. This will keep all four feet on the ground when traversing the Rubicon. All components of the build are made with the highest quality material and powder coated for a prestige finish! The contents of this kit include…

External Reservoir Fox Shocks
Control Arms
Trailing Arms
Panhard Bar
Extended Pitman Arm
Custom 23″ Tall Coil Springs
Custom Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
Custom Rocker Panel “Skid Plates”
Rear Fuel Tank Gaurd
Other Various Components That Weld To Frame Of Vehicle (Not Shown)
G Class

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$ 14 900.00

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