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E85 and E54 Ethanol Flex Fuel in Arizona

E85 and E54 Ethanol Flex Fuel in Arizona

If you are one of our many customers who have tuned for E85, the recent news came as a surprise to all of us. Yes, E85 has not only changed its name to “Ethanol Flex Fuel”, but has also been changed to E54. What does this mean for you? Well if you are currently tuned for E85, this means your car needs to be re-tuned/calibrated for the E54 change in fuel concentration. We fully understand the impact this has on us as well as our customers and want to ensure your performance platform is running as BEST as possible…most importantly safe.

Note: if you have a 2008+ WRX or STI, this would be a opportune time for you to convert to COBB Flex Fuel setup to eliminate the guesswork of fuel mixtures.

As always if you have additional questions about E54, tuning or just overall performance for your car, feel free to give Dyno-Comp a call and we can discuss what options we have for you. Remember not only do we sell high performance parts; we provide installation services and complete tuning for those upgrades as well.

So give us a shout and let’s see what power upgrades we can partner on.

Thank you,
The Dyno-Comp Team

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