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Low Roller Inertia - Accuracy and Sensitivity:

At Dyno-Comp, our dyno utilizes 8.5" double-rollers under each tire resulting in ultra-low inertia which is the key to maximum accuracy, and sensitivity. Our dyno detects the slightest change in power allowing us to fine-tune your machine to obtain the most reliable maximum engine horsepower!

A True "Tuning" Dyno
  • Dial in ANY rate of acceleration
  • Able to duplicate real road weight experienced by the engine during
    normal driving conditions
Full Dynamometer Control - Measure HP:

Our dyno actually MEASURES horsepower and torque based on a load of 0 - 100%. Precise control with electromagnetic retarders enable Dyno-Comp to reproduce real driving conditions under any load, at any RPM or speed for extended runs while monitoring, Horsepower, Torque, Exhaust Gas Temperature, and Intercoolor Temperatures, BOOST, and Air Fuel and this is LIVE as the run takes place. NO guess-and-check tuning, and having to wait to see what happened after a run!

All - Wheel - Drive Dynamometer Control:

Power split between the front and rear wheels varies between car manufacturers. Our dyno incorporates a very sophisticated AWD control system. PRECISE control is maintained through monitoring and maintaining 50/50 load, or any desired load front to rear.

Drive system possibilities:
  • Four wheel drive locked
  • Four wheel drive viscous
  • Four wheel drive diff between the diffs
  • Intelligent European Transmission
Live - to - Screen Dyno Tuning:

Dyno graphs and diagnostic data are displayed live-to-screen. Horsepower, Torque, Tractive Effort, Boost, Air/Fuel, Exhaust Gas Temperature, etc. are all monitored REAL-TIME during each run.

Tractive Effort:

Our dyno measures TRACTIVE EFFORT in addition to horsepower and torque. Tractive Effort is the efficiency in which power is applied to the ground. For example, there are 2 identical cars with 500 HP. Suppose one car has 25" diameter tires, and the other car has 20" diameter tires. The car with the smaller diameter tires will have LESS "TRACTIVE EFFORT" resulting in quick 0-60 MPH times! Dyno-Comp can actually measure the effect of various tire and rim sizes, and under the same scenario, dial in optimum gear ratios!

Quick Set Up - Value for the Dollar:

Dyno-Comp customers get the best value because of fast set-up and more available tuning time. With double-rollers cradling each tire, strapping the car down is unnecessary unless over 300 HP to the wheels; then only one simple strap at the rear is needed. During "dyno-days," there is little or no wait between cars. With an equation like that it can only equal CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!

Safety and Tires:

Knurled rollers provide excellent traction keeping tire temperatures down and traction at a maximum!

Why Dynos at other Tuning Shops are Inferior....
  • Massive rollers = poor sensitivity = lost information = hidden Problems
  • Free Spinning and No Load Control = Guess and Check Tuning
  • Variable speed front to rear = possible Transmission Damage
  • No information on your car until the final graph
  • No measureing of Tractive Effort = Inaccurate Power Readings
  • Long periods of Set-up time = More Waiting
  • Unsafe wheel spin = Huge Rollers and Unsafe Traction
Quick Reference guide for powertrain loss factor on our (Dyno Dynamics type dyno) at Dyno-Comp:
  • 30 - 35% loss for (Manual Trans) AWD cars
  • 34 - 39% loss for (Automatic Trans) AWD cars
  • 21 - 25% loss for (Manual Trans) 2WD cars
  • 23 - 27% loss for (Automatic Trans) 2WD cars


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